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Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Our school promotes inclusive physical activity throughout the school day. Each day we have two outdoor breaks (weather permitting). First break is from 11am-11.15am and second break is from 12.55pm to 1.20pm. We encourage children not to bring their lunches out to the yard so they can be fully active during this time. We have 3 yards: Infant yard, Front yard, (both of which have playground markings) and Basketball yard so the children have ample space to get active and run around. Both teachers and pupils are strongly encouraged to 'Do your talking as you're walking' so noone is idle during break times and the Active Team are always encouraging others to be active.

Our 6th class girls do 'Play Buddies' each day on a rota system in the Infant yard where they teach the infants simple playground games and ensure everyone has someone to play with. We use a 'Game of the Week' and the girls are constantly introducing new games but the favourites still seem to be 'Little Sally Saucer' and 'Duck Duck Goose'.

Our front yard classes now have 'Playground Leaders' every Friday where they introduce new equipment/activities to the classes on a rota. All classes are enjoying having the leaders there to introduce the game and monitor equipment. Our leaders also run the 'Active Lines' every Friday getting the children to do exercises in their lines once the bell goes.

Our Senior classes get to play basketball each break and during the summer months we introduce soccer also on the grass area.

On Rainy Days when the children cannot get outside to play each teacher ensures the children do indoor physical activities such as 'Just Dance for Kids', 'Go Noodle' 'Bizzy Breaks' or 'Rainy Days activities'.


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