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The Big Travel Challenge 2022

Wednesday February 9th- Tuesday February 22nd
The Big Travel Challenge 2022

The Green Team and Active Team are inviting you all to take part in The Big Travel Challenge 2022. Greenschools Ireland are encouraging more students to enjoy the benefits of actively travelling to school in the month of February .

We are asking members of our school to make a special effort to walk/ park & stride to school between Wednesday February 9th - Tuesday February 22nd. We are focussing on walking /park &stride to school for this year’s challenge as we feel it is a very achievable form of sustainable travel for our school pupils.

Park & Stride Locations must be at a distance from the school to reach the criteria for this challenge- e.g.: Whitty’s Mace, The Greenhills or Woodview Shopping Centre. If your family lives a distance from the school you may like your child to participate this way over the ten days by parking your car and walking from these locations .

Walking cycling or scooting to school can be an opportunity to increase physical activity in the darker months , when time spent outdoors is often reduced. The aim of this challenge is to promote a sustainable mode of transport for 10 days during the month of February . There are many other benefits to walking to school - developing healthy habits for life, benefits to our wellbeing ,becoming mindful of the beauty in the world around us , arriving to school alert and ready to learn -to name but a few!

A spot check in school this week revealed that 86 pupils walked to school on Wednesday out of a total of 288 pupils. We are hoping to achieve a measurable increase in the amount of walkers to our school ! Our Green Team and Active Team Pupils will record the numbers in their class each day by using a class tracker sheet.

This Travel Challenge will also go towards our Green Flag and Active Flag Renewals !

Our results will go towards a nationwide competition run by Green Schools Ireland where our school is in with a chance of winning €1,000 !

Best improved class overall will win a class prize!

We hope you all enjoy our BIG TRAVEL CHALLENGE 2022 ! Thank you all for your ongoing support of all our school initiatives!

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