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Happy Feast Day to all our Salesian Pupils

Feast Of St. Mary Mazzarello
Happy Feast Day to all our Salesian Pupils

Today May 13th is the Feast of St. Mary Mazzarello- The very first Salesian Sister. Unfortunately we cannot celebrate this great feast at school today but maybe you can celebrate it at home in some little way. Here is a short reminder of her story :

Mary Mazzarello was born on May 9th 1837 in Mornese in Italy. She was the eldest of ten children and she grew up working and helping her parents in the surrounding farm and vineyards.She was known for her cheerful spirit and her willingness to help others. She was not without a temper though and this was something she would have to work at all her life (like John Bosco ) !.When Mary was 11 years old her family moved to The Valponasca Region a distance away from Mornese.

You might remember last year you all drew pictures of theValponasca Window for this year's Salesian calendar.? This was Mary's special PrayerWindow. As she now lived too far away from the church she would look out this window and see the lights of the church in the distance and pray to Jesus from this window. When Mary was 23 years old she became very ill with typhoid fever and although she recovered she was not as strong as she used to be. But this would not stop her ! . She decided to learn how to sew and soon she and her friend Petronilla learnt the skill of dressmaking.They discovered a joint interest in working with children and soon set up a school for girls that soon turned into a boarding school . Each Sunday they offered the local girls a chance to come to the school for sewing lessons, but also games and prayers.

One day while she was out walking she saw a vision of a big house with children laughing and playing in front of it and she heard a voice saying

" I entrust them to you" ( A bit like john Bosco's dream at the age of 12). She did not realise what it meant at the time but it was the start of God's plan for her unfolding.

In 1864 Don Bosco visited Mornese with his band of boys and he saw the work that Mary and her friends were doing and was very impressed by it. He always had in mind that somebody, some day, would do for the girls of Mornese what he was doing for the boys in Turin.This was his answer.!

They would form a group called the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and Mary Mazzarello with her great sense of cheerfulness, charity and optimism was the obvious choice to be the leader of this group

On August 5th 1872, Mary at the age of 35 took her vows and became the very first Salesian Sister. This year the Salesian Sisters celebrate the 100th Anniversary of their arrival in Limerick. We are so glad they came !

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