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Internet Safety / Anti-Cyberbullying Information Event for Parents, Guardians & Teaching Professionals

The talk, incorporates video, guidelines, practical demonstrations and discussion, providing parents with practical non-technical information and guidance for keeping their children and families safe online.

The internet is an integral part of the lives of children and young people; it is important that you the parents get involved with what they are doing online. It is important that you talk openly and regularly about your concerns and agree boundaries around their internet use. While the internet undoubtedly presents fantastic opportunities for children, it is equally clear that there are valid concerns about the risks they face online including accessing inappropriate or harmful content and cyberbullying.

Our School has teamed up with Ger Brick to deliver Cyberbullying and Internet Safety workshops to classes from 3rd to 6th Class. Ger delivers an engaging, current and fun talk while providing the children with Practical Information and Rules for Staying Safe and conducting themselves Responsibly online.

We are also delighted to let you know that Ger will deliver a workshop for all parents / guardians which comprises of a comprehensive Cyberbullying / Internet Safety talk. Little or no Statistics. No Internet horror stories. No Technical Jargon. Just practical advice for Parents on how to keep their families safe online regardless of their level of computer literacy.

Parents Workshop: Wednesday 14th September at 7PM.

This will be facilitated over Zoom; you will receive a notice with link via Aladdin. If you are unable to join remotely from home, the school will also facilitate the online workshop from the school.

Parents of all pupils in the school are asked to attend. Ger Brick facilitates an information evening that will be different to presentations you may have attended in the past. We really encourage at least one parent from each family to attend.

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