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4th Class Field Trip

Westfields Wetlands
4th Class Field Trip

During the month of October,the girls in 4th Class participated in a very hands-on outdoor classroom event when they went pond-dipping to Westfields Wetlands on the banks of the River Shannon. They were accompanied by Geoff Hunt from Birdwatch Ireland.Before setting out the girls predicted what pond life/plant life they were likely to find in this local habitat. Dressed warmly, wearing their wellies and with their fishing nets at the ready, the excited girls set off.The first thing they saw growing abundantly as they approached the Wetlands were the bulrushes and the reeds... but they couldn't wait to start dipping their nets. Among the creatures they caught were hoglouse,3-spined stickleback,pond skaters, minnows and Sophie even caught an eel in her net. !!! It was a delight on the day to get so up close and personal with a bevy of swans. It was lovely to see the male ( cob ) so protective of the female ( pen ) and his baby cygnets and to be able to distinguish the male from the female. Amongst the other birds which the girls were fortunate to spot were cormorants, herons and coots.The girls brought back a sample of some of their pond creatures they had found for follow-up work in the classroom and it was amazing to see some of these tiny creatures under the microscope.They also integrated some Maths into this field trip by drawing pie charts of their findings and also participated in some recount writing of their experience at Westfields Wetlands.The girls really enjoyed their day at the Wetlands and are so lucky to have this wonderful amenity with its various species of plant, pond and bird life so close to our school.

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